Welcome!  I am a licensed clinical social worker located in midtown Sacramento offering psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families.

In my practice I utilize an approach based in sensitive, respectful exploration of working with life issues. I tailor my method to meet my clients’ individual needs, whether they are looking to overcome present challenges or enrich current relationships. I believe psychotherapy has the capacity to relieve suffering, help to change painful patterns, and open the door to a more vital and fulfilling life.

Effective therapy can be transformational. Research shows that a strong, trusting bond between client and therapist is the foundation of successful treatment. Feeling safe with and genuinely understood by another human being is, in itself, a healing experience. In addition, a safe therapeutic relationship acts as a powerful catalyst for the natural process of healing, growth and change.

I hope you find this website helpful in your search for the right person to help you with your counseling or consultation needs.